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Day jasmine

One of an extremely aromatic plant with numerous leafy branches gives almost a shady view to its surrounded area. This woody leaf shurb is having cluster of white colour that gives a very pleasant fragnance for full day. It’s fragnance is almost like a chocolate.

When flower fade, day jasmine produce dark purple colour berries which consumed by many birds and flies.

king of day is a good choice for everyone’s home. Plant a shurb like day jasmine and get decorate your vicinity with blooming flowers with a sweet fragrance.

Scientific name : cestrum diurnum

Family : Solanaceae

Climate required : full warm

Height : 6 to 8 ft

Width : 4 to 6 ft

Bloom time : summer and spring

Common names : day blooming cestrum, day blooming jasmine, chocolate plant and king of day.

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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