Flaming Glorybower flower

Already new season is arriving, the awesomeness of flowers can be seen everywhere now in many colors and shades.
Description about flower :
Flaming glorybower vine is a beautiful blossom that consist of delicate red flowers. This is kind of a large plant and grow on thin stems, accompanied by small green glossy leaves. It is evergreen woody stem that typically grows to 10 – 12 inch long. Flowers are more like a cluster in tuba kind of shape. The richness of flowers are attractive to many butterfly and insects.
Flaming Glorybower show it’s richness in full sun to partial sunlight also with the minimal moisture conditions. This plant is best for outdoor attractiveness such as landscaping and entering grow purpose.
By bringing such plant, will surely lead you to feel the love around you.

Some key points related to flaming glorybower vine:

Genus: Clerodendrums
Family : Verbenaceae
Origin :Western Africa
Flower color: red
Fragrance: non fragrant
Size : large
Maintenance: Medium
Use : Outdoor
Suitable With Pots :Yes
Watering requirements : high
Sunlight Requirements: full sun light
Common names : Flaming Glorybower, Pagoda Flower, Bleeding Heart Vine

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