Ferns are beautiful

When we think of ferns, it gives a feeling of being green. This is a must have, low maintenance perennials in any particular yard. It’s feathery rich green leaves blend nicely with other plants shades as well.
Ferns are very old plant kind and belongs to the group pteridophyta.
Ferns are likely to provide shelter for many insects and reptiles due to its dense structure and sometimes can offer a good coverage to the ground to add magnificent effects in your garden.
Ferns are native to tropical areas and normally thrive in moist, shady regions. They can grow well indoor as well with minimum water conditions. There are more then 10 thousands varieties all over the globe.
I have always admired the simple beauty of ferns and these are supposed to deliver a nice texture and shades especially in those places of your garden which is always surrounded by dark. Overall, adopting ferns for your garden will make a beautiful addition in dull and dark points.

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