Evergreen shrub 💜 Threeleaf shurbverbena 🌱

Thie is one of easily found shrub, which can be seen as many landscaped themes or sometimes can be found as a hedge.

Due to its border feature, landscape or hedge can be easily design of any shape (like a butterfly shape). The rounded lavish cluster of flowers with an attached rich bunch of purple berries will be a single hub to attract many flies, bees and humming birds.

No doubt, its a beautiful Plant that comes with so many lavish colours and can be grown easily provided in any climate conditions with needed very low maintenance.

So in case, if u decide to plant in your garden, make sure in advance, you should know that this plant is poisonous

Stems and seeds
And sap, are not safe to consume by human and animals.

Faimly : verbena

Height 2 to 5 feet

Width : 1 to 3 feet

Special Climate : Hot summer

Special season: Spring

Plant type : Annual

Maintenance required: minimum

Other Names: lantana Lavender popcorn

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