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There are so many natural things around us, but we don’t bother to know sometimes what role they are playing for us.
Today I met with an invasive weed that is Earleaf acacia, which was introduced to Florida in 1932 as an ornamental tree. It is a kind of Unwanted and crooked tree which is good for shades as it can grow faster upto 20m. They produce long yellow flowers that is to beautifying the area when in bloom.
An interesting parts of this plant is its leaves, flowers and fruits. If you will see its leaves which is simple, dark green and slightly curved which is 5 to 8 inch long, and contained 3 to 7 parallel veins with mature pods.
Earleaf acacia Flowers are bright yellow or orange in color. The flowers gives very fascinating feels that can be seen on each stem tips.
Fruit is a flat which almost looks like the shape of a human ear.

Benefits of plants:
• Plant has some edible uses.
• It’s wood used for furniture purpose.
• For charcoal
• For the stabilization of the soil as it’s root system is very dense
• Can increase the productivity of the waste land,
• For the beautification purpose alongside the roads.

Key points:
• Scientific Name : Acacia auriculiformis
• Family : Fabaceae
• Native area : Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
• Plant type : weed
• Height : 30m
• Common names : Earleaf Acacia, Ear-pod Wattle, Papuan Wattle, Auri, Northern Black Wattle

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