Devil’s claw – wild’s favourite🌱

I couldn’t imagine grapple plant have so many medicinal properties.
I found this plant during my journey and it was on an open and dessert location. So I decided to take some pictures ,
Devil’s claw plant leaf is really big in size with perineal structure. It has so many branches attached to it, particularly hold a big size with some flowers on it. Its roots are playing a major role for treatment of various health problems.
addition to this, it’s a flowering plant and herbal medicine. It is natives to south Africa and Madagascar of sesame family. This plant owes so many names because of its fruit which looks like a tiny capsule.
More on, with historical data and scientific evidence suggests that, this plant has been used to treat various problems related to liver, malaria, kidney infection, high temperature. Additionally used as skin related problems and infections.
Few points:

  • Scientific Name : Harpagophytum procumbens
  • Family : sesame
  • Native countries : South Africa and Madagascar
  • Common names : grapple plant, devil’s claw root, unicorn plant, elephant tusks
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