Cotton seedling

Last year during spring time my grandmother along with my kiddo planted some cotton seeds in the garden. This was the first experience for her to know about gardening.
Though it took lot of efforts but believe me the hard work is always fruitful.
It was the evening time when we start working in the ground. My grandmother helped my daughter to create a furrow with a garden hoe. We sprinkled some water on the soil to make it moist. After this, we planted cotton seeds in group of three, which was one inch deeper and 3 to 4 inches apart. After sowing we covered the seeds with soil.
Now each morning my child was watering the seeds and in couple of weeks she observed seedlings have sprouted.
After four five weeks, we noticed the cotton plant was big enough that will begin branching soon. After 10 or 14 days more it was blooming with whitish creamy flowers. Soon flowers pollinated and turned pink. At this point we got a cotton ball.
Already 3 to 4 months have been passed by and now cotton balls are getting cracked which were so fluffy as if we were waiting for this moment.
Every time my child was so keen to know how this cotton ball will come out?
She waited for some more weeks, until the cotton plants will get dry and shed their leaves and were ready to harvest.
And finally the little one’s hand are ready to harvest cotton from plant.

I believe we should give chance to every child to know how to grow a which is always fun filled activity and moreover it can be a learning experience for them to know more about plants !!!!!

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