Cotton plant -Gossypium herbaceum(derived from Arabic word which means soft)

Cotton Levant (commonly known ) very impressed shrub to grow in our garden as well in container for indoor purpose. It has Palm like leaves which glossy green in color, many branches to support its self system. It bloom in full summer with bright reddish color that can enhance overall beauty.

  • Scientific Name: Gossypium herbaceum
  • Family : Malvaceae
  • Native area : Asia and Africa
  • Plant type : shurb
  • Height : 30 to 60 inch
  • Bloom type : summer spring and fall
  • Special season : Annual
  • special Weather : full sun and partial shade
  • Water : medium watering
  • Maintenance : very less
  • needed Soil type :loam and sandy
  • Propagation : seeds
  • Common name : short staple cotton

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