Coral fountain: red feel in the garden

Lucky me that I have found you my red flower. When I googled you, I found you are one of most popular and beautiful plant in the world.
There is no doubt, your addition into the gardens will add warmness and uniqueness through your beautiful deep red flowers and green foliage,
You have ability to bloom through out the year and gives a colorful, pleasant kind of feel.
You are one of best flower, which is best for the warm seasons and commonly known as firecracker plant or coral fountain.
In spring times, your red colors flowers can be seen in a uniform manner, that gives attractive feels to both human and humming birds.

Key points:
• Scientific name : Russelia equisetiformis
• Family: Plantaginaceae.
• Native areas : Mexico and Guatemala
• Common names : fountainbush, firecracker plant, coral plant, coral fountain, coralblow or fountain plant
• Plant type : Shrub
• Size : 6’ x 4’
• Flower Color: Deep red
• Bloom season : spring times
• Exposure: full sun
• Water needs: moderate
• Growth Rate: Moderate to Fast

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