“Coat buttons- unwanted but still Flies favorite”

Isn’t it interesting to know more about nature ?…….so today I picked up one #wildflower named as coat buttons that is considered to be as “unwanted weed” and can be seen easily on many landscapes, along roadsides, in the green fields, unused space, playground and also in personal gardens.
Blessed by Nature:
This weed is so small in size that most of times we don’t pay attention towards them. But believe me when I saw tiny yellow flower were blooming in a row and many flies were excited to have their nectar from it. So it felt like a beautiful creation of nature for us.
Its not important that human doesn’t care about this weed ! But yes the nature has blessed a plant like coat buttons that is main source of food for small flies and insects. It is considered as coat buttons are rich in nectar therefore all the big flies can be seen around it.
Small summary of #coatbuttons:
Its yellow flower appearance is just like a t-shirt button attached to single branche that is enough strong to hold its existence in a rough ground.
So if you want to see #coatbuttons in your little garden, just pay little attention and definitely you will get easily that may be surrounded by beautiful butterflies feeding themselves on yellow flowers. To explore such weed doesn’t need any extra efforts. This weed has a tendency to grow itself in any space that can be easily sprout through its seed like a creepers which can be formed in between the cracks of walls , in the concrete ground or in any unused space. Due to its rapid and untidy growth it consumes a lot of space sometimes, when we tried to weep out this plant, it will reappear in just two to three weeks so that’s why this is known as to be “ #unwantedplant ”.
Beside of this, weed has so many medicinal properties that we don’t know .
From a long decade this plant has been used in many Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of liver disorder, gestural problems, hypertension and heartburn. The leaves extract also used to treat many problems such as to heal the wound, antifungal and as a pest repellent.

Plant description :
Binomial Name : Tridax procumbens
Family : Asteraceae
Origin of country : Mexico
Common names : tridax daisy, coat buttons, Mexican daisy

Written by Jyoti Thakur on .

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