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purple false eranthemum (a Greek Name)
Pseudo -false
Eranthemum, called as false eranthemum.

Evergreen shurb, small in size, multi branches, white in color(mixed of pink) with an attractive crown, various arrangement of leaves in the combination of different shades of green and yellow which further produces a small clusters of rose- white Flower.

This white color shurb is very specific to the sunlight. Initially it’s of glossy green color. For proper growth it needs exposure under the sun light , After reaching at a certain height with a good care , blooming begins .

Some key points are:

  • Scientific Name: Pseuderanthemum carruthersii
  • Family : Acanthaceae
  • Native areas : South Pacific
  • Plant type : woody
  • Height : 7 feet
  • Water requirements: frequent watering
  • Leaf color : green to yellow
  • Leaf shape: oval
  • Flower color : White
  • Flower shape : high cup
  • Flower size : 2 cm
  • Bloom time : August to October
  • Propagation : cuttings
  • Common name :purple false eranthemum
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