Plumeria Alba

White Frangipani is one of most attractive small tree, native of many tropical areas. Normally tree’s height can grow up to 0.9 to 6.1m with spreaded branches. leaves are large and alternative to each other, green in colour which is 6 to 22 cm long and 2 to 7 cm wide.

The beauty of this plant is measured by its round shape and tip of the leaf. Both leaf and flower are attractive in nature.

White yellow colour with five leaflet in a funnel shaped tube, bloom in full summer.

Basic points:

  • Scientific name : Plumeria Alba
  • Family : apocynaceae
  • Heights : 20 to 25 ft
  • Width : 20 to 25 ft
  • Growth rate : slow
  • Blooming Time : full summer
  • Cultivation statue : as ornamental and wild
  • Medicine property : yes it’s root bark, latex and flowers( for the treatment of ulcers and skin problem)
  • Propagation : through seeds
  • Soil specification : Tolerant loam, sand or clay soil
  • Common name: White Frangipani
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