Canna Indica- Orange blossom

Canna Indica is known for its large leaves which is generally 50cm long and 25cm wide. The green foliage can give a good coverage to the ground if planted as a landscape. The beauty of canna Indica is always admiring because of its appealing orange -red flower clusters.
If you will see this plant, it’s appearance is more like a small banana tree. Being a perineal plant it produces a clumps of stems 150 to 300cm tall and each stem is thick and large.
Canna Indica is very useful plant as it’s roots are known for some amazing medicinal properties. Also they provide food to many living entities. Hence, It is cultivated widely because of its edible roots.

Key points :
• Scientific Name :  Canna Indica
• Family : Cannaceae
• Native area : South America, Mexico, Central America, the West Indies
• Plant type : perineal
• Height : 1.5m
• Width : 0.4m
• Sunlight : Full sun 
• Soil type: Sandy and clay
• Blooming season : late Spring and early summer
• Flower color: orange, yellow and red
• Maintenance needed : very low
• Water requirements : little watering
• Propagation : by seeds in winter
• Common names : Indian shot, African arrowroot, edible canna, purple arrowroot, sierra leone arrowroot, wild canna Lilly, canna

Canna Indica bloom
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