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Singapore Daisies

| Jyoti
The pretty yellow flowers looks very attractive and give a green mat like feel on the ground. It’s a kind of very aggressive and rapid weed that can easily grasp all the environmental conditions to grow ,it even can grow on sandy or rough terrain…

Warm sunset

| Jyoti
The moments will be more precious if I’ll get every evening sunset like this , When it comes to the colors of setting sun, my eyes always fix onto its warm side of colors. This beautiful sunset has a magical power to stop me in any way and engage…

earleaf acacia tree

| Jyoti
There are so many natural things around us, but we don’t bother to know sometimes what role they are playing for us.Today I met with an invasive weed that is Earleaf acacia, which was introduced to Florida in 1932 as an ornamental tree. It is a k…

A Giant Milkweed

| Jyoti
I have explored this shrub in the jungle. This is really tall and fascinating shrub that is enough strong to hold itself upright straight. It’s lavender flowers are very inviting which exactly looks like a star. Each branch of giant milkweed join…

Lovely Hong Cong orchid tree

| Jyoti
Hong Cong orchid tree is a lovely addition to any space that will bring warmness through its large pinkish- purple flowers. It is an evergreen tropical tree that will create vibrant and versatile landscapes when in bloom.Mainly it’s winter flower…

A nest

| Jyoti
Many times we have seen birds make their homes in many unique ways. The interesting thing is you know what, they just build nests for the purpose of making a new life. They spend very less time in the nests but still they make it very special .Ha…

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