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“Pink Zinnia- a smiling flower”

| Jyoti Thakur
Yes, it’s true- You are a symbol of goodness, friendship, and remembrance. I observed you personally as I found you in my own garden with your beautiful petals. In my first interaction, …

Happy Monsoon colors

| Jyoti
In Monsoon, wherever my eyes go I can see that everything is so beautiful and green.These lovely flowers always add cheers and happiness in my life.I want to surrender myself around the nature so that I can enjoy all the pleasant colors of it.Jus…

Coral fountain: red feel in the garden

| Jyoti
Lucky me that I have found you my red flower. When I googled you, I found you are one of most popular and beautiful plant in the world.There is no doubt, your addition into the gardens will add warmness and uniqueness through your beautiful deep…

Power of flowers

| Jyoti
When we see flowers, green gardens and many other natural wonders around us, don’t you feel that there is always a quite magic played by nature.Is there any force in the nature which tends to bring a joy with in us?As I have experienced many time…

Flaming Glorybower flower

| Jyoti
Already new season is arriving, the awesomeness of flowers can be seen everywhere now in many colors and shades. Description about flower : Flaming glorybower vine is a beautiful blossom that consist of delicate red flowers. This is kind of a la…

Pink Rain Lily flower

| Jyoti
Are you looking for a charming flower for your garden so that the shades can be added to your favorite area? Rain Lily plant is one of among them. The profile of this plant is very easy to carry and maintain if you are more willing to add into…

Surprised full pictures

| Jyoti
Awww what’s that?I guess you will be surprised after seeing my pictures and equally curious to know what’s going on?Believe me, for the first time when I saw those dry leaves which were placed on sticks like made of structure, I was wondering wha…

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